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2 years ago

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ID heard a lot about the nudist beach is so on a sunny Wednesday to go, I decided there, parked my car and then was a bit of a walk along the beach, but finally I found a couple of guys walking naked water, so I knew I was in the right place, I went to the dunes and I noticed a group of boys, along a stretch open hole, so I made my last mountain road when I saw were a couple fucking and all the kids had a great time watching, but it was a little too crowded for my taste, and which lasted for about 10 minutes, I finally found a couple with a dog were rulertube both naked I, meanwhile, carry my shorts, was with her legs something was wrong, so I sat a few feet, I realized that she had spread her legs a little more and I could clearly see that her lips were very beautiful and open, but then I looked directly at me and smiled so I went rulertube and made some small talk, andventually her husband said he was with the dog into the water to cool, and left, his wife, towel, patted her hand and asked me to sit down, now my dick was almost complete in the neck, as sat next to her that only the hand on my penis and started masturbating me, so I leaned over and kissed her on the lips of the boy who was hot in a short time, she said with a charming Liverpool accent was like fuck that I \\ \\ n did not need me twice i ask that I have and I could feel my cock was slippery hole opened by pressing a key until, wow, I felt rulertube it was all wet rulertube and hot I had to keep for a while or that have shot my load, but then felt his muscles tighten and Fanny began to shake so I was in and out of the pump, as it came, then began to slow me down and looked me straight in the eye and ah rulertube in the Liverpool accent so sexy, without losing sight, said they are shooting at me and then had another impressive orgasm rulertube as I shot the back of his Lovellpussy and who was there for a few minutes and then I thought, I bet her husband is watching us from behind a sand hill, but after I saw about 20 minutes walk from the beach with the dog, I have many good straw this day and lips impressive, I hope to have bad luck I meet again next summer, best wishes, Baywatch.
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